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Episode 21: Dog’s Best Friend with Catherine Gilmartin

Episode 21: Dog’s Best Friend with Catherine Gilmartin

June 12, 2019

In Episode 21, I'm talking to one of my best friends and my former college roommate, Catherine Gilmartin.

Catherine attended school for psychology with the intention of becoming a counselor, but felt unfulfilled and unhappy; then she realized she could combine her interest in working with people with her lifelong passion for dogs, and the rest is history. She has since started a petsitting business and is about to become a certified trainer. Her ultimate goal is to train service dogs and tap into the magical relationship between dog and human.

Catherine and I talk about the lessons she's learned about conflict, confidence and love through working with dogs; how limited our imaginations can be when we're young and think there's only one path forward; and her journey from struggling in college to creating a more authentic life. 

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