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Episode 68: Exploring The Midnight Library with Danica Browne

Episode 68: Exploring The Midnight Library with Danica Browne

June 18, 2021

In today's episode, my friend Danica Browne and I are unpacking themes from the novel The Midnight Library by Matt Haig. This is a book about unlived lives, regret, possibility, and hope. In this episode, Danica and I are talking about how these themes play out in our own lives. We discuss living vicariously through fictional characters, the subtleties of familial expectations, regrets and wonderings we have in the realms of career and relationships, and dreams that we suspect would not be as idyllic in real life as they are in our heads.

As always, if you have thoughts about today's episode, feel free to let me know! Email me at or message me on Instagram @perennialspodcast. 

Episode 67: On Disappointment and Patience

Episode 67: On Disappointment and Patience

June 3, 2021

In today's shorter, solo episode, I'm talking about wanting something, trying and striving for something, sitting with uncertainty, anxiety and excitement, entertaining romantic ideas and fantasies about greener grass, and ultimately, being disappointed.

It's so common in early adulthood, with so much uncertainty coming from all angles, to feel restless, impatient, desperate to prove ourselves and try to make everything okay. And yet, the nature of life is change. Trying for things and feeling feelings means we are alive, and means sometimes we will struggle and be disappointed.

Today, I'm talking about riding all sorts of feelings without pushing them away or labelling them as bad, and about what I've been learning about patience and keeping my seat. 

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