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Episode 20: Saheli Women with Madhu Vaishnav

Episode 20: Saheli Women with Madhu Vaishnav

May 23, 2019

It was a delight for me to talk to Madhu Vaishnav, founder and director of the Institute for Philanthropy and Humanitarian Development (IPHD), a Jodhpur-based community development non-profit that focuses on financial empowerment for women, girls' education and women's health in rural northern India. 

Madhu's story is one of strength, resilience, joy and humility. She talks openly about her experience of arranged marriage and her long journey to pursuing work in the social sector. Madhu also shares what she has learned from the rural women that she serves and her thoughts on spirituality and God as a mother. 

To learn more about Madhu and this episode, visit the Shownotes page.

Episode 19: Young Motherhood with Amanda Greatorex

Episode 19: Young Motherhood with Amanda Greatorex

May 14, 2019

Today, my big sister Amanda Greatorex and I talk about her life as a mother and a musician.

At 29 years old, Amanda is wife to her high school sweetheart Andy and mother to four children under the age of six. She describes how being the firstborn of five kids spurred her to be an independent forward-thinker who follows her gut--even when her gut leads her down paths that a lot of her peers aren't traveling yet.

We talk about her college experience studying Vocal Jazz at the University of North Texas, and what led her to move back to New Jersey shortly after graduation to get married and start a family. We also discuss the challenges of balancing a career as a musician with parenthood, as well as her recent experience with postpartum depression and the wisdom she's gleaned from the early years of motherhood.

We laugh, swap stories, talk about sibling dynamics, and discuss our differences in personality. 

You can learn more by visiting the Shownotes page.

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