Perennials Podcast

Episode 1: The Wisdom of Anxiety with Sheryl Paul

September 8, 2018

Sheryl Paul, a psychotherapist based in Boulder, Colorado, has helped thousands of people around the world through her coaching practice, her blog, and her online courses. In this episode, she and I talk about insights from her forthcoming book, The Wisdom of Anxiety, due out in May 2019 through Sounds True.

Sheryl explains how anxiety contains hidden gems, gems of self-knowledge that can point us toward what needs attention in our lives. As someone who has struggled with anxiety and panic attacks for years, I know firsthand that anxiety can be a great teacher. Sheryl has helped me to sit with the pain and discomfort of anxiety long enough to hear the message it's trying to deliver; I hope the wisdom she shares in this episode can help you to see anxiety in a new light.

You can find links to topics and references covered in this episode on the Shownotes page.

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