Perennials Podcast

Episode 28: A Perennials Birth Story

August 20, 2019

In today's episode, the tables have been turned--I'm the one answering questions! 

Lauren Roberts, previously my guest in Episode 23, is interviewing me about the origins of the podcast, and my current take on the themes of "growing up, getting wise and trying to live a good life." 

We talk about my post-grad quarter life crisis, slowly shedding the pressure to be a "good girl," moving out of my parents' house and balancing my need for quiet and alone time with social connection and engagement with the world.

I share some of what I've been learning lately about what it means to belong to myself and share myself with others--through connecting to my body and creativity, loosening up on trying to find the "one right way" to do things, and learning to be more authentic wherever I go and whoever I'm with. 

You can learn more about this episode on the Shownotes page.

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