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Episode 31 Ditching Diets and Ripping Off Halos with Jessie Haims: Part One

September 10, 2019

Jessie Haims is an incredible woman--a survivor of cancer and orthorexia, a yoga teacher and student of exercise and nutrition, she has become a fearless voice against diet culture. 

Jessie developed a disordered relationship to food at just eight years old, a relationship that continued for nearly two decades. Last year, at age 26, she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and decided that enough was enough--she didn't want to waste any more time starving herself and trying to disappear. She finally decided to seek help, and therapy transformed her life. Now, Jessie has an entirely different relationship to food and fitness, and a whole new outlook on health and wellness.

In Part One of our conversation, Jessie talks about the conditions that led to her eating disorder; how therapy has helped her to navigate difficult conversations with loved ones; and how she still struggles with shame around being enough as a woman. She and I discuss how internalized patriarchy makes it difficult to shift our behavior and beliefs about ourselves and our worth, no matter how much we believe in gender equity. 

Visit the Shownotes page to learn more about Jessie and today's episode, and check back next week for Part Two of our conversation. 

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