Perennials Podcast

Episode 37: Let’s Save the Planet with Ananya Singh

November 13, 2019

At just sixteen years old, Ananya Singh is the CEO of Greening Forward, a youth-led environmental organization, and is Partnerships Coordinator for the New Jersey Student Sustainability Coalition.

Ananya’s passion for activism ignited when she was twelve years old and attended the Youth Empowered Action Camp. Since then, she’s learned a lot about what it means to organize and lead, and in today's episode, she's sharing some of those lessons. We discuss how Ananya keeps her activist fire going, how to overcome barriers to action, and how Ananya responds to despair and burnout. Plus, Ananya talks about different types of environmentalism, intersectionality in environmental movements, and what she's learning as a leader about balancing authenticity with compassion. 

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