Perennials Podcast

Episode 56: Money Matters with Megan deBoer

January 21, 2021

Today's episode is about the very grown-up topic of money. So many young adults, like myself, enter into a tough job market with a ton of student debt, little financial education, and no idea how to afford rent. It's easy to feel completely overwhelmed, and to avoid looking at or making a plan for your finances, or to obsessively worry about any spending. 

I'm thrilled to share my conversation with Megan deBoer, the founder of Tended Wealth, a business that helps individuals heal their emotional and practical relationship to money. As a certified Financial Recovery Counselor, her approach considers the context of our current financial circumstance: our lived experience, our family of origin, and the broad culture that shape our beliefs about money. 

We talk about turning towards and rebuilding our relationship to money, and how to take steps towards slow, incremental, meaningful change that can bring us a greater sense of agency, responsibility and empowerment. 

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