Perennials Podcast

Episode 45: Belonging in Yoga with Khay Muhammad

May 25, 2020

Khay Muhammad is a yoga teacher who deeply understands the importance of creating true inclusion and belonging in her classes -- for her students and for herself.

Khay and I talk about her childhood growing up in the city of Newark, New Jersey, spending long days with her father in Branch Brook Park and learning about her connection to nature. She also shares about her experiences taking yoga classes for the first time in Brooklyn during her early post-grad years, and why her first yoga class "sucked." Khay describes feelings of loneliness and being "othered" as a Black woman in many white-dominant spaces.

Khay also explains how she's found more freedom to bring her full self to her classes teaching virtually from her home. She speaks about how large societal and community issues, like violence against Black people in our country, are intimately connected to, not separate from, our yoga spaces and practices. 

You can learn more about Khay and today's episode on the Shownotes page.

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