Perennials Podcast

Shownotes III

March 27, 2020

Episode 42: Holding Space with Zoe Gillis


Zoe Gillis is a therapist on a mission to blend the worlds of outdoor adventure, group therapy, and deep inner personal work. She started her journey 15 years ago as a wilderness guide for youth at risk in Canada and was blown away by the healing power of being in nature.  She decided then that she wanted to find a way to combine her passion for personal growth with her love of nature. 

Since 2014, after becoming licensed as a marriage and family therapist, Zoe has cultivated a unique and non-traditional private practice. She works with individuals but expands the modality of healing into group coaching and even further into immersive wilderness retreat experiences. Her passion is helping people connect to their purpose through presence even in the most difficult of times.  


IG: @zoegillismft   

Upcoming Events:

You can find out more about her upcoming events on Instagram @zoegillismft  Especially if you had any questions while listening to this show she is always happy to hear from people through DM so don't hesitate to reach out. She will also be doing a live Q&A  on Monday, March 30th answering any questions specific to Covid-19. Again her handle is zoegillismft.


  • The different range of experiences people are having during the COVID-19 outbreak
  • Asking ourselves what we can control, and what we can’t
  • Checking in with our bodies
  • Writing down our fears and responding to them from a calm, loving place
  • Being open to and sitting with reality 
  • Practicing non-dualism and acknowledging our feelings without judgment 
  • Meeting our own suffering so we can build skills to meet what’s happening out in the world
  • Leaning on practices and activities that genuinely bring us comfort, grounding and ease
  • How a lot of the images of wellness we’re inundated with can be judgmental--and steeped in white supremacy 
  • Remembering the strengths and gifts that have helped you through challenges in the past
  • Looking for the good and holding space for the painful
  • Where Zoe is finding comfort and support as a therapist right now
  • How nature can help us right now, no matter where we live 


Episode 41: Enjoying the Climb with Gillian Herbert


Through-hiking the Appalachian Trail after high school was Gillian Herbert's gateway into the world of outdoor sports. She fell in love with rock climbing while in college at SUNY ESF and it's become a huge part of her life and her identity. Gillian is now a fourth-year veterinary student at the University of Georgia, struggling to find a balance between climbing and studying.



  • Gillian’s experience of the outdoors growing up in the Adirondacks and New Hampshire
  • How feeling like she didn’t fit into her high school led Gillian to hike the Appalachian Trail after graduation
  • The confidence Gillian gained through hiking the Appalachian Trail 
  • How hiking and spending time outdoors can help our body image
  • What drew Gillian to rock climbing
  • Working with fear while climbing
  • Getting more comfortable with stretching outside of our comfort zones