Perennials Podcast

Episode 52: What Was Missing with Khay Muhammad

August 27, 2020

Recently, Khay Muhammad called me up to ask if we could do a follow-up to our conversation for Episode 45: Belonging in Yoga. Khay explained to me that something important was missing from that episode, and she wanted to make it right. This episode is for Khay to explain what (or rather, who) was missing--and why. 

It's a conversation about patriarchy, white supremacy, and trauma; a discussion of how these forces affect us on personal and collective levels, in our lifetimes and inherited from generations before us. Khay generously models what it looks like to notice and meet those forces within and around us, and then take the next step to break the chain and create a new way of being. She does it with courage, humility, strength, integrity and compassion. May we listen with humility, sorrow and hope, and put Khay's modeling to good use in our own lives. 

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