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Episode 71: Turning 30

Episode 71: Turning 30

September 12, 2021

Your intrepid host is no longer a twenty-something trying to figure stuff out--as of this past July, I'm now a thirty-something trying to figure stuff out!

To mark the occasion, this past summer I asked previous Perennials guests to share some wisdom about the third decade of life. They delivered reflections on what they let go of when leaving their twenties, what they wish they could tell their 30 year old self, things they are enjoying or did enjoy about their thirties, and advice on what to hold close during this decade.

Their responses are so comforting, kind, and thoughtful that they brought me to tears. I'll continue to cherish these messages for years to come, and I am so happy to share them with you.

I also included some of my own brief reflections on this transition, and on what I'm learning about and growing into lately around what it means to create a home for myself. 

Many, many thanks (in order of appearance) to the following good, kind, wise friends:

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